Retro Dress for a Wee One

A while back (a long while) I had a friend ask if I could make a custom dress for her daughter for a wedding.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it time-wise, but when she said she didn’t need it for 9 months, I hopped on board.

She wanted me to create a dress similar to the one that she would be wearing in the wedding, and didn’t want to shop around for a kids version.

This was the inspiration for the dress:


I promptly headed to JoAnn fabrics to see if I could find a pattern with something similar to it so that I didn’t have to start completely from scratch.  I found a Butterick pattern that had the nuts and bolts of what I was looking for, Butterick 5980:

The black and white polka dot was from  Michael Miller’s Dumb Dot in Black/white.  I believe the lining was from JoAnn’s, a basic black, as was the tulle for the petticoat.

Getting back to designing the dress, the challenge was to create a collar and a full back, while still keeping the front fairly similar.  The butterick pattern had an option for a bodice, so I used that for the back of the dress.  I created a front bodice piece similar to the inspiration piece, and a collar modified from a shirt pattern.  I moved the back zipper to the side for ease of construction with the collar.

Here is the finished dress:IMG_0639

I like to finish seams with my serger so that it will wash and wear well.  I pre washed all of the cotton prior to assembling to make sure the black and white wouldn’t run or fade easily.


Close-up of the collar:IMG_0642

The black bow was made out of excess material from the lining and hand-stitched in place.

It turned out well, and I even got it to the recipient with a few months to spare 🙂

Here it is in action with it’s cute model 🙂


That’s all for now!

Happy crafting 🙂