New Headboard!

Have you seen those cool headboards on Pinterest?  Earlier this summer, my Pinterest feed had several examples of awesome, padded headboards with tutorials.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 6.17.56 AMpadded headboard exampleAfter seeing a few, I knew I needed one.  I found some awesome floral fabric on, purchased it, and then let it sit on my fabric shelf for a few months.

After awhile, I decided our bedroom needed a makeover.  It was looking a little drab, to say the least.  Old bedroomWe’re pretty simplistic when it comes to furniture and decorating, but this was getting a little old.  So off I went to Lowe’s to pick out some new paint colors.  I didn’t even realize our walls were gray until I started painting the new paint on!

cream against grayI even painted the ceiling and took down the old ceiling fan.IMG_0657And added an accent wall to make the headboard pop!

IMG_0667At this point, the headboard was already made, but I’ll get to that soon.IMG_0670New ceiling fan!  Good bye 1980’s ceiling fan!IMG_0668Our awesome new paint colors!

Okay, now onto what you’ve been waiting for: the headboard!  I could do this as a tutorial, but I’ll walk you through the steps with pictures and minimal captioning.

IMG_0942The finished product.  So happy with it, even if my mom says it looks a little hippy.IMG_0685First things first, deciding on the dimensions of the headboard, and shaping the corners.  I used 1/2″ plywood for this project.IMG_0686Cut your first corner, and then just flip it over and draw a line for the opposite.  I used a jig saw to make the cuts.IMG_0688Finished cutting the top of the headboard.IMG_0687Next I marked where I was going to put the tufting, and drilled some large pilot holes to make threading the buttons easy.IMG_0689Time to pad the headboard!  I used a cheap foam mattress topper, and covered it with batting, and then stapled it in place.IMG_0690Cut off the excess…it doesn’t have to be pretty at this point.  I repeated the process with the fabric, but on a clean work surface.  IMG_0936Don’t mind the legs on the headboard just yet…we’ll get to that.  I apparently forgot to take a picture of the covered headboard back, but you can see how much I overlapped the fabric here.

Next I added the covered buttons for tufting.  (I also forgot to take pictures of this!)  I used upholstery thread, waxed it so that it would stay better, and threaded my covered buttons through the pre-drilled pilot holes.  John helped me staple them in place on the back.IMG_0934Then we added the 2×4 legs to the headboard.  You could also just hang your headboard on the wall if you didn’t want to add legs and attach it to your bed frame.IMG_0937I covered the legs with a little foam…you know, so it wouldn’t knock against the wall, if you know what I mean 😉IMG_0938Finally, I covered the raw edges with an old sheet, just to make it look pretty.  Not that anybody will see it…IMG_0940John attached it to the bed frame with a couple of screws with washers.  It’s pretty darn secure.IMG_0942Yay!  It’s finished!IMG_0941You can find more detailed tutorials on how to make your own padded headboard by searching the web or on Pinterest.  As far as expenses go, I think I spent $50 on fabric, $25 on wood and screws, another $25 on batting and foam, and $15 on buttons and upholstery thread.  Not too shabby for a new headboard!

Happy crafting!  Cheers!


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