Tom’s Helicopter Hat

Our oldest son is obsessed with a  show on Netflix.  And Amazon instant streaming.  It’s a British cartoon and claymation called Fireman Sam.  Now that I’ve googled Fireman Sam, there’s apparently a website and an app, too!  Who knew he was so popular?  Not I.  (

Finn’s obsession with Fireman Sam has led to A LOT of imaginary play, which is awesome.  He is playing more and more independently.  However, he now occasionally insists that his name is Tom.  I am Penny, and John is Elvis.  We put out a lot of fires in our house.  At first we had a fireman’s hat, but when he decided that he was Tom, the helicopter pilot, he needed a helicopter hat.  The upside down basket on his head became his helicopter hat.  Until this past weekend.

I decided that Finn needed a new hat.  Like Tom’s, of course.  What color would it be?  Orange.  Like Tom’s.  (Tom Thomas for reference.)  So we sat out to make a lovely orange bomber hat with some rust colored poplin that I had on my shelf and an old t-shirt for the inside of the hat.

I had some fun with my sewing machine on the inside of the hat.  It was kind of a difficult knit to work with, but it came together when all was said and done.  I have been wanting to recycle that t-shirt for awhile.  I am happy to say that it finally found a new home.

Inside bomberOf course, I added a bit of flare to the back with one of my new Sew-eet Tooth Creations labels.  I am very impressed with how they turned out.

Bomber tagI love those new labels!  Of course, Finn loves his new hat, too!



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